With more than 30 years of wellness experience and numerous degrees and certificates including radiology, industrial disability examination, whiplash and brain injury traumatology and golf injury certifications, Dr. Pineda continues to increase her knowledge and expertise to ensure that every patient is provided with the best possible results.

Pineda Chiropractic is located in the beautiful city of San Jose (Willow Glen), California and was founded in 2001. Since that time we have been able to help a wide range of different clients to live more fulfilling lives and relieve the pain they experience on a day to day basis.

Dr. Pineda, most recently published her latest book, Decoding Pelvic Pain. Dr. Pineda realized once finding the solution for her own debilitating pain, she must share this information on a global level. Upon her book release, she reached #1 in 3 categories Internationally and #1 in Physical Medicine on Amazon.

If you have pelvic pain or other injuries inhibiting your lifestyle, Pineda Chiropractic can help you to devise a individualized plan put together specifically for your condition, helping to relieve your pain and recover so you can return to the lifestyle that you used to living.

She is also the founder of Pelvic Pain Programâ„¢, a program that helps identify the cause of pelvic pain in clients globally, She then guides them through her program to rehabilitate the pelvic floor and core muscles, identify postural imbalances, and stabilize pelvic girdle muscles to find lasting relief.

Healing is possible.