Written Testimonials

What Our Patients Say

I have had back pain since a car accident when I was 18 and a motorcycle accident has left me with one leg shorter than the other. I knew I needed chiropractic for my back pain. What I didn't expect was that some corrective care followed by regular adjustments would change my life in such a profound way! I have suffered from IBS (debilitating pain in my intestines) since I was 13. I have tried the medications and the side effects are awful, so I was resigned to suffer through it. Once I started chiropractic care, my IBS episodes went away! I now know why (Dr. Pineda explained how the nervous system works), but it still amazes me. I no longer suffer from the daily pain and inconvenience of IBS. Thank you Dr. Pineda! Sonya Morrison

I was suffering from a pain in my lower back that prevented me from standing for more than 15 minutes at a stretch. I tried stretching exercises and anything I could imagine to mitigate the pain. Nothing worked and the level of pain in my back continued to increase. After I met with Dr. Pineda, she diagnosed several problem areas in my back and one in my neck. The pain slowly started to subside and after two months of work on my back- the pain was gone! Now I see Dr. Pineda on a regular basis to maintain the health of my back. Thank you Dr. Pineda! Christopher S.

I am an active 42yr old woman who lifts weights 4-5 times a week. Over 20 years ago I injured my shoulders and have suffered from chronic pain and limited range of motion since. I just couldn’t seem to make the normal strength gains you would expect with the amount of hours I spent in the gym. I met Dr. Pineda in October 2007, completely unaware of what Chiropractic could do for me. I thought it was only for people with “severe back problems”. After only a few sessions with Dr. Pineda, I noticed an increased range of motion in both my shoulder and back. Since getting chiropractic adjustments, I have made significant strength gains that I never thought possible! Thanks Dr. Pineda for the freedom from 20yrs of shoulder pain. RayeAnn J.

Dr. Pineda made a difference in my life. I had a severe whiplash when I was 12 years old and recently had one of those awful pains in my neck and shoulder that ran down the right side of my back. I warned Dr. Pineda that it was real fragile and sore. I thought no way was she going to fix this.

But, with her gentle and knowing hands, she adjusted my neck. I could hear the adjustment. Well, before I even got out of her office I was 80% better. Within a few hours all the strain and pain left completely! I have had many adjustments in my life, but this was a true test of what a difference it can make. WOW!!! Sincerely.
Josephine D.

I keep very active even as I near middle age – golf, basketball, vollleyball – it’s a very big part of my life. I can count on Dr. Pineda to provide not only excellent treatment in the office, but sound advice to keep me comfortably active between visits. Mark S.

Twenty-five years of carrying 35lb video cameras had turned my back into stone. Only three months with Dr. Lavonne freed my back and elevated my golf game! Thank you Dr. Lavonne!! Pat Burns

It’s all about trust. With Dr. Pineda, you know you’re going to receive effective no-nonense treatment for your condition. Tracey S.