Athletic Sports Care

Athletic Sports Care in San Jose

Treatment for Optimal Performance

Everyone knows that exercise is a key component for living a healthy lifestyle, and all of the aches, pains and other issues that come along with it. The more you work out, the more your muscles and joints are going to feel pained, weak, or sluggish.

This can keep you from reaching a top level of performance. Of course, there are numerous factors that go into your athletic and sports injury treatment including proper nutrition, dehydration, overuse, improper biomechanics and even proper muscle imbalance.

There are many injuries that can come as a result of physical activity. Many of these injuries will be found in the extremities including the shoulders, elbows, hands, knees and ankles. There are a number of precautions that can be taken to help to limit the chances of receiving an injury while playing sports competitively.

Techniques and Treatments

Here at the Pineda Chiropractic Clinic, a leader in providing athletic care in San Jose, we combine a wide variety of different approaches to ensure that if you take part in competitive sports – you have a legitimate option for rehabilitating potential issues at Pineda Chiropractic the leader in chiropractic treatment for athletes in San Jose.

Our techniques have been proven to improve the performance of those that seek out help, working to help joints to function properly and also consult you on nutrition changes that you should be making to give your body the proper fuel.

There are numerous different techniques that we use to help you to get back to optimal working condition using sports injury treatment , including:

  • Range of Motion Exercises
    We use a range of different range of motion exercises in our sports injury treatment program.. Although range of motion exercises are common in athletic and sports care, they are also used to treat arthritis and other issues as well. There is both active range of motion exercises (AROM), as well as active assistive range of motion exercises (AAROM). Active assistive range of motion exercises are generally prescribed to help individuals that require strengthening or gentle stretching of joints, muscles and cartilage.

  • Stationary Bicycles
    Stationary bicycles are a great way to help treat issues with knees and hip joints. They are typically prescribed to help those that have suffered injuries (whether traumatic or through ongoing usage). Stationary bicycles are excellent at treating and strengthening the lower back and extremities.

  • Walking Training
    Walking is an excellent exercise for a wide range of different conditions. Walking training is used to visually inspect the interaction between the lower back, and lower extremities. The walk is watched throughout its full rotation process with the initial contact, loading response, mid stance and terminal stance all playing key roles in the observation process.

  • Mobilization
    Dr. Pineda also offers mobilization exercises which are intended to increase the mobility of either the soft tissues and joints. Mobilization is usually used to help individuals who are having mobility issues, reducing stiffness and helping to create pain relief for athletes over time.

  • Isometrics
    Isometrics are used to create muscle contractions without joint movement. This is used to help with the strengthening of the joint, while avoiding any further damage. Isometrics are used to treat a variety of different conditions including arthritis, bone breaks, or after-surgery physical therapy.

Unparalleled Care

Our high quality sports care has helped to make Dr. Pineda a leader in the industry, helping athletes and everyday recreationalists to ensure that they have the best treatment available, helping patients to rehabilitate themselves from egregious sports injuries.

Our wide array of different techniques and exercises can help us to target individual muscles and areas of the body. If you have suffered a sports injury in San Jose that is limiting your life in any way and providing you with some very serious pain, you need to make sure that you are able to effectively deal with these issues quickly and to the best of your ability with our sports injury treatment program.

Our clinic proudly serves all athletes in the San Jose area including Campbell, Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Willow Glen. Don’t leave your injuries to worsen, we have programs that will get you rehabilitated and back to taking part in the sports you love, call to book or appointment today at (408) 448-4070 or click the button below to book online.